We believe that everyone should be eating food that is nutritious, delicious and just, and that a local, ecologically sound food system is the way to make that happen. Through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), we provide our local community with freshly picked, organically-grown produce and give our members the opportunity to get to know the farm and farmers who produce their food.

Our vegetables are harvested no more than 24 hours before they are ready for pick-up at our drop-offs in Hanover, Guelph and Paisley, Ontario. We also do a winter CSA program, providing members with farm-grown produce throughout the winter months.

Cedar Down Farm offers internship positions through CRAFT Ontario (the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) http://www.craftontario.ca/regions/south-western-ontario/

Hooray! Cedar Down Farm was the recipient of the 2012 Award for Outstanding CSA and Direct Farm Marketing.

Check out Cedar Down in the media:

We’re in the movies! http://tomakeafarm.ca/








Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada





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