CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which describes the relationship of mutual support and commitment between us, your local farmers and you, the members of our community. Members commit to the farm by paying an up-front membership fee in the spring, and in turn receive a weekly share of the farm’s fresh produce throughout the season. CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship in which a farm supports the community’s need for fresh, nutritious food, while the commitment of the community supports the farmers and allows them to devote their energy toward farming sustainably.  Community support provides the safety net that allows the farm to be sustainable in the long term.

Benefits for Member Families:

  • exceptionally fresh, locally-produced, delicious vegetablesCSA pickup2
  • a direct relationship with a local vegetable farm and the farmers who grow your food
  • a chance to learn about new vegetables, share recipes, and expand your culinary horizons
  • reliable, regular access to quality organic vegetables at a reasonable price
  • the chance to learn more about organic agriculture
  • the opportunity to visit the farm, get to know your farmers and be connected with your food’s origins
  • a chance to share in the abundance as well as the risks inherent in each farming season

Benefits for Farmers:

  • a guaranteed market for farm products throughout the season
  • timely financial support to help cover production expenses
  • a close relationship with loyal customers and new friends
  • a means to build strong communities with ties to local agricultural production
  • the ability to share some of the risks inherent in each farming season
  • a great sense of satisfaction through direct contact with the families we help feed (From Ferme Tournesol Website)
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