Grain grown and milled at Cedar Down Farm and our neighbouring farm, Blackshire Gardens. Freshly milled for our members, you won’t find tastier or more nutritious grain products anywhere else! Grain shares are available beginning in January 2016. Receive monthly shares of flour, rolled oats, cornmeal, beans and more from January to April 2016. Deliveries to Hanover, Guelph, Toronto and at the farm near Neustadt.

This year’s shares will look like this:

Regular ($200)

5lbs hard red wheat flour
5lbs spelt or rye flour
5lbs rolled oats
2lbs dried beans
2lbs cornmeal or whole barley

Small ($125)

3lbs hard red wheat flour
3lbs spelt or rye flour
3lbs rolled oats
2lbs beans OR a selection of 2lbs cornmeal/2lbs barley

Send us an email for more info! Or to register for a share.



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