Cedar Down Farm is certified organic; the farm and our methods are inspected and approved yearly by Ecocert Canada.  But being certified is only the formal explanation of how we farm.  At the core, organic farming seeks to improve and enhance soil health and the health of our surrounding ecosystem.  Soil is a diverse and complicated ecosystem that when healthy and well balance is vibrant and resilient.  Hard work and devotion is required to maintain that resilience and fertility.  We work to improve the condition of our soil by using methods that uphold the health of the microorganisms that keep it alive.

We also work to provide a healthy habitat for insects, birds and animals. We seek to provide an equitable and enjoyable work environment for ourselves and our staff. One of the great things about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), is that members get a chance to ask questions and learn about the way we farm and to see it firsthand on visits and farm tours.  Communication is open and transparent between us and our members.

As organic farmers, we believe that the best way to produce consistent, high quality and nutritious food, is to concentrate on building and maintaining soil health through:DSC_0011

  • Crop Rotations – to interrupt pest and weed cycles, maintain soil structure, and manage soil fertility.
  • Addition of Organic matter- such as composted manures, and plant material through plough down crops.
  • Erosion Control- by minimizing tillage and planting cover crops
  • Chemical free production- to keep our soil organisms alive and well

We are also dedicated to the long-term ecological sustainability of the farm and work to:

  • Promote biological diversity
  • Rely on renewable resources
  • Recycle materials and resources to the greatest extent possible
  • Function, as much as possible, within our local economy

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada


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