Jeff and Leslie with Watermelon!

Cedar Down Farm is lovingly owned and operated by Jeff Boesch and Leslie Moskovits (and our two little ones Asher and Wren).  We have been farming together for 13 years and started Cedar Down in 2010.  We are passionate about growing food and contributing positively to the health of our community.  Through our CSA and our farm’s involvement in our community, we hope to rebuild the connection between people and their food and to get people excited about how much fresh, nutritious and delicious food has to offer to the well-being of communities.   We believe that the Community Shared Agriculture model has much to offer towards rebuilding community connections and building health.  Each year we take on a team of great staff.  For 2017 we are joined by Stone Stewart and Jessica Martin – these are the hands that seed, plant, weed, care for and harvest your food!

Our goal as farmers is to promote soil health and biodiversity, minimize our ecological footprint and build community. We are deeply committed to growing high quality food in a way that respects ecological principles and brings people together around food. We believe in honest and open communication with our community of eaters and strive to make fresh and nutritious food available to everyone.

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